Our dentist and team at Comprehensive Aesthetic Dental Associates aim to consistently improve the experience we provide to our patients. One of the ways we have improved the patient experience is by implementing laser dentistry in Longmont, Colorado. Dr. Todd M. Roby may opt to use this tool during your procedure to make your treatment fast, efficient and comfortable. If you have any questions, please call a member of our team at 303-776-1335.

How Could Laser Dentistry Help Me?

Dental lasers allow our team to complete your dental treatments quickly, comfortably and with a high level of precision. Lasers can be used in many different dental procedures. Depending on your unique smile needs, we may recommend using a dental laser to:

  • Remove bacteria and infected oral tissue to treat periodontal disease
  • Treat cold sores and canker sores
  • Recontour the gum line

What Are Some of the Benefits?

Procedures performed with a dental laser are so comfortable, that many patients do not require anesthetic. Additionally, dental lasers can shorten your treatment and healing time. Another benefit is that there is a decreased risk of infection after completing treatment. Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding during and after treatment, giving you a precise, comfortable treatment.

 Call our office today to learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry or set up an appointment!